Roger Holmes



       DOB:                         9-5-65

       Birthplace:                 Elwood, IN

       Current Res.:              Elwood, IN

Instruments Played:    Guitar and Vocals




I got my first guitar when I was 12. It was a crappy electric import and I soon switched to acoustic. The new acoustic was a gift from my aunt and I still play it, 28 years later. In the early years I mostly played classic rock and concentrated on vocals.

When I was 14 I started playing in bands with friends from school. I migrated through several bands.

 From the age of 18 to 27 I moved to Florida, Ohio, Texas, and back to Indiana. This made it difficult to form any permanent band contacts. During this time I stayed active in music with what ever local contacts I could make. During the 9 wandering years I attended 3 universities and did my duty to my country by serving in the Navy.

Upon returning to my home on the range in Indiana I reacquainted my self with the local music scene and joined a band called Mongo Grunge. The group splintered into several local central Indiana bands that are still active today (13 years later). 

In May of 1997 I married Beverly. One of the many things about her that made me fall head over heels was her talent on the piano. And a damn fine singer too. As a fringe benefit to marrying her my home on the range became the proud papa of a beautiful baby grand piano.

Over the last 9 years we have made some damn fine music together. This includes classic rock standards and originals. Together we have joined the still existing Mongo Grunge and their associates. It would be difficult to imagine being in a band without her. She is the best musician I have ever met and a true professional.

Since joining the Kokomo, IN band Maybe I have experienced new challenges and am enjoying the melding of sounds. It has been and shall continue to be a musical high point in my life.

Rock ON!


Favorite artists : Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Led Zepplin , Rush, Supper Tramp, Alan Parsons, Beverly Holmes
Likes: honest politicians , walking in the early morning hours to the sound of waking birds, holding my son on my lap when he is just waking (his sweetest moments)
Dislikes: onions, nose hair, ear hair, and newly grown back hair, rap music, modern country music, republican dishonest politicians
Favorite Color: that deep black that is the last thing one sees just before drifting off into the cold mysterious dream world
Favorite Moment: Holding my son in my arms for the first time in that orphanage in south east Asia. He reached up and tugged on my goatee, and I knew he would be a daddy’s boy.
Loves of my Life: Beverly, Quyen, Clayton, and most but not all members of my extended family
Hates: government corruption, especially G.W. Bush

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